Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Why am I not surprised...

at the reaction of France, Germany, and Russia regarding the U.S. closing bids on the rebuilding of Iraq to those countries who did not support the war effort. In Iraq Bids Ban Reopens Diplomatic Rift, we read, "Russia suggested it would not restructure Iraq's debt. Canada threatened to stop sending aid to Baghdad. The European Union said it would study whether global trade rules had been violated. Germany, another leading opponent of the war, called the decision "unacceptable," and government spokesman Bela Anda said it went against "a spirit of looking to the future together and not to the past."" You gotta love it... the EU is going to investigate whether any rules had been broken? So, ignore whether Hussein's butchers broke any rules, but make sure trade rules are followed? Oh Canada! Such a disciplinary hand you wave! Threatening to stop sending aid to those most desperately in need of it? We can really take you seriously in the future can't we? But maybe the administration did go a bit too far... we could give the porta-potty subcontracts to them.

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