Tuesday, December 30, 2003

First, a kiss, next?...

If the Britney Spears - Madonna kiss this last year wasn't bad enough, now we read of a trend among high school girls - sharing open mouthed kisses. From the Sun-Sentinel, S. Florida teen girls discovering 'bisexual chic' trend: Debate rises over whether a kiss is just a kiss. ""Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" A group of teenagers is gathered at a party. Music's playing; smuggled booze is flowing. Two girls grin sheepishly at each other as a crowd goads them on. Finally, the teens relent, rewarding their audience with some mouth-on-mouth action. It's not an unusual scene, according to South Florida high school students, who say the newest trend for teen girls isn't wearing the latest designer jeans or driving a cool car, but declaring themselves to be bisexual. "Some do it for attention. Some do it because guys like it. And some do it just because they can. It's definitely a fad," says Stranahan High student Christy Shalley, president of the Fort Lauderdale school's Gay Straight Alliance." Now I could start denouncing the secular media and the secular record industry for their degenerative actions, but what do you really expect from them? They are, after all, non-Christian. Are we really surprised to see non-Christian acts coming from non-Christians? So, where does that leave us? Um, looking in the mirror? I wonder how many families from the church were watching or allowing their children to watch the awards show in which Spears and Madonna bussed? How many of these families watch Survivor? American Idol? Or any of the wretched sitcoms now permeating the airwaves? It ain't Gilligan's Island anymore folks.

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