Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Leaders Lead...

Per the Washington Post, Iraqis Shocked, Shamed by Hussein's Sullied Image: Theories Abound Over Why 'Saddam the Lion' Failed to Resist Capture by U.S. Soldiers . BAGHDAD, Dec. 17 -- Karim Abu Yasser was schooled in front of heroic portraits of Saddam Hussein that hung in every classroom... he was nurtured on tales of Saddam the Lion, and he accepted the official image of the Iraqi president as a stalwart commander with nerves of steel. So when he learned that Hussein had emerged meekly from his burrow last weekend and surrendered to U.S. forces without firing a shot, Abu Yasser said he was aghast. "We feel he either should have fought, or if he was surrounded and there was no other way, committed suicide. That's what we were expecting," he said. "When he didn't, it wasn't a surprise for us. It was a shock." Herein is the reality of terrorism that escapes so many in the world. Why won't those supposed leaders, who command others to die for their fanaticism, at least fight for the same cause themselves? Saddam the Lion hides like a gopher in a hole. Notice that only after the World ensured that he's being treated properly is he acting like a tough guy with his interrogators. How many Hamas leaders volunteer for suicide missions? Al-Qaeda? True commanders lead their men into battle.

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