Thursday, December 04, 2003

Crichton quote...

An interesting quote from Michael Crichton's speech to the Commonwealth Club back in September. "The effort to promote effective legislation for the environment is not helped by thinking that the Democrats will save us and the Republicans won't. Political history is more complicated than that. Never forget which president started the EPA: Richard Nixon. And never forget which president sold federal oil leases, allowing oil drilling in Santa Barbara: Lyndon Johnson. So get politics out of your thinking about the environment. " Some other interesting facts to consider: The New Deal was brokered by a Democrat, but it was the Democrats that gave us Japanese internment camps. The Republicans are credited with being the party of Abraham Lincoln, but don't forget that Lincoln stated he would not abolish slavery if it meant he could save the Union. And lastly, a quote from Francis Schaeffer, "At times you will seem to be saying exactly the same thing as the New Left elite or the Establishment elite [i.e., Liberals or Conservatives]. If there is social injustice, say there is social injustice. If we need order, say we need order. In these cases, and at these specific points, we would be cobelligerents. But do not align yourself as though you are in either of these camps: You are an ally of neither. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is different from either - totally different."

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