Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Food from God...

The PETA campaign addressed below is also handled by the Evangelical Outpost. It's interesting to note how PETA is attempting to convince Christians that, per their Christian beliefs, they should not eat meat. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Biblical Worldview sees God's creation. The folks at PETA, quite simply, are looking at the Christian religion through Naturalistic eyes. In the March 2002 issue of Touchstone Magazine, Christopher Killheffer presents a novel approach to the practice of eating meat - specifically, how Christians should approach this matter. In Our Food from God: Factory Farms & the Culture of Death, he brings up issues such as: Do we, as Christians, view animals merely as commodities to be utilized purely for our own gain, or do we view them as God's creations, given to us to manage wisely? Do we, as Christians, ignore animal suffering (or pain), or do we take steps to deal with their slaughter in a humane manner? Do we really need to eat meat every day, or should we follow a more prudent approach (indeed, Killheffer reminds us that Christ himself probably didn't eat meat but once a week). Do we, as Christians, partake of animal flesh raised in agri-business environments, or do we partake of the more expensive free-range stock? Do we, as Christians, tear into a 16+ oz. steak, or do we limit our intake to 6 - 8 oz.? To be sure, Killheffer is not advocating extremism such as that found in PETA. Yet he does sound a wake-up call for Christians, especially Christians in the West, to take a long, hard, Biblical look at how they should view the eating of meat.

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