Tuesday, December 16, 2003

New Definition for Cowards...

Per MSNBC regarding a series of latest attacks by Iraqi terrorists, "On Monday, guerrilla scouts in Samarra released a flock of pigeons as a U.S. patrol approached, apparently as a signal for an ambush, a military statement said. Two gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on U.S. vehicles and then took cover among children leaving school." (empahsis added) Read that again: took cover among children leaving school. These weren't even foreign children. They were children from their own country. I know it's fiction, and science fiction to boot, but there was a scene from the Star Trek: Next Generation TV series a few years back that always impressed me. In this particular episode, Picard captures a few Klingon rebels and is transporting them back to their home planet. As the Klingons are being escorted through the ship a couple of children accidentally run in front of them, getting caught between the Klingons and the crew. Ryker (from the crew) is frantic and immediately radios Picard that they have a hostage situation. The Klingons, looking perplexed, make no effort to hold the children against their will. As the children run back to Ryker, the lead Klingon simply says, "Hostages are for cowards." I would be interested in hearing from the U.S. soldiers involved in the above referenced attack. I've got to believe that their seeing the enemy act in that manner only serves to further solidify their resolve to do their job of eradicating that enemy. I've also got to believe that any sane Iraqis who may have witnessed that event, and events similar, will be willing to do whatever they can to ensure that their traitor countrymen are eradicated.

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