Thursday, December 25, 2003

If I hear one more 'Silent Night'...

Actually, I love to hear Christmas songs. I know that some people quickly get annoyed with them, but I always thought that those were the types that loathed movies like It's a Wonderful Life. You know the types, typically they are movie critics that carry a twisted and warped handle on things virtuous. Breakpoint had an article on the current movie Bad Santa in which they ran some quotes from a couple of movie critics: from Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune... “the foulest holiday movie I’ve ever seen—and the funniest,” he recommends it “for those . . . who tire of Christmas cheer being rammed down their throats;” from Mary Brennan of the Seattle Times... “a profane, wildly politically incorrect and sometimes shockingly funny holiday comedy . . . [and] a welcome antidote to all that precious, wholesome holiday cheer.” I won't pretend to understand what drives people such as these to praise foul and profane renditions of the Christmas season... other than their lack of a relationship with Jesus. This brings us to today's Breakpoint, Hackneyed Holiday Tunes: Are They ‘Psychological Terrorism?’, in which we find out that labor unions in Austria were up in arms because of the constant and repetitive playing of Christmas carols in stores where their members worked. Equating it with 'psychological terrorism' they claimed it that by the end of the day it made their members aggressive. Now I like Christmas carols. But I suppose that too much of a good thing might tend to get a bit annoying. Yet I find it humorous that people complain about having to hear Christmas carols over and over and over again. Check in with these people from January thru November and you'll probably find them listening to the constant repetition of a top hits radio station. These are probably some of the same people who listen to the solitary tune that rap-music (a contradiction in terms, by the way) has given us. And they tire of the rich library of Christmas carols?

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