Monday, December 15, 2003

What are Thongs?...

They're what Thinatra thung. Well they used to be. Before I wrote this I was thinking, "Do I really have to write about this?" After you read it, you'll probably be saying pretty much the same thing. My wife told me about an incident at a church sponsored dinner a few months ago. It seems a friend of ours was at a dinner, given in honor of the many volunteers that give their time at the church teaching, ministering, etc. She was there with her husband. The dinner was at the church in a facility room for special events. Okay, so far, so good. Helping serve the guests were kids from the church youth group. Imagine the astonishment to our friend upon seeing one particular female teenager dressed in a pair of those trendy low cut jeans, with the complimentary skimpy top that left a significant gap of skin showing between its lower end and the jeans' upper end. Now imagine the shock when she saw this girl turn around, revealing her thong underwear sticking out from the back end of her rear extremeties! Where was the youth pastor? Why wasn't this child told to go home and not come back unless she was properly dressed? Why do we let this happen?... because it's the style? Maybe I'm jumping the gun... yet if I don't speak up now then I guess the next event at church will feature the next logical step in this fashion statement - this girl's butt cleavage hanging out from her jeans. Homeschoolers are sometimes accused of unrealistically sheltering their children from the realities of the world. Now I ask you: If I can't expect to find decency engaged in at my local church, then why should I expect any of it at the local school?

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