Monday, December 15, 2003

It's Politics...

There have been some interesting discussions on World Magazine's blog site with regards to President Bush's actions as a Christian vs. those as a President. Some Evangelicals are a bit more than miffed that President Bush would even consider sharing a worship service with those outside the Christian faith, much less his statement a few weeks ago about Muslims and Christians worshipping the same God. In a Washington Post article, For 14 Long Hours, Keeping the Secret, by Mike Allen and Bradley Graham, the account of what transpired up to and including the announcement of Saddam Hussein's capture is detailed. In it, we read, "The administration was so conscious of how the news would play in the Arab world that Bush canceled plans to attend St. John's Church, an Episcopal congregation in Washington, yesterday morning because he did not want that to be the setting for his first public appearance after the capture." This will, undoubtedly, upset many Evangelicals. They will see it as compromise. They will say that Bush is allying himself with non-Christians. They are wrong. Besides being a Christian, he is the President of the United States... a secular job in a secular government.

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