Tuesday, December 16, 2003

What's a Democrat to do?...

In an L.A. Times Op-Ed, Democratic Candidates Find Themselves Caught in a Hole of Their Own, Max Boot delivers a clear description of the quandary that the Democrats find themselves in now that Saddam has been caught and the economy is picking up... what can they criticize? When tangibles are not on your side, all you can attack are the intangibles. Watch for criticisms about the war effort in general, or what-ifs about how we could have carried out the campaign. Look for statements that we aren't any safer now than 9/11... but without any hard evidence. Working in a rhetorical manner is a pretty bad, if nonexistent, offense. But Republicans cannot let their guards down. In our post-modern, conspiracy theory, Hollywood, X-Files mentality, you'll see a lot of people buying into the rhetoric. Expect it.

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