Monday, December 22, 2003


During Advent we seem to see a lot of incidents of government intrusion on private life by refusing to allow displays of Nativities on Public Property. Yet in the Central California coastal town of Morro Bay, a Salinian Indian celebration of the Winter Solstice was allowed on Public Property per, Spiritual ritual welcomes new season: Tribe granted permit to ascend local landmark. Note that the property in question is a geological feature known as, Morro Rock, a volcanic plug that is, evidently, held sacred by the Salinian Indians. Note also that access to, and on top of, Morro Rock is forbidden to the public. A special permit from the California State Park system was required for the Indians to perform their pagan ritual. As stated in the article, ""Morro Rock has had religious significance for the Salinan Indians for eons," said Shirley Macagni, a Morro Bay resident and member of the Salinan tribal council. According to Salinan beliefs, the creator brought people out of a mountain." Now, what do you think are the chances that a group of Christians would be allowed a special permit to, say, temporarily erect a lighted Cross on top of Morro Rock on Christmas Eve?

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