Friday, December 05, 2003

One of the reasons...

we went into Iraq. An Awful Truth Sinks In: After years of hope, survivors of Iraq's slaughter of Kurds now know the missing won't be coming back. At least 100,000 died, per the L.A. Times. "For 15 years, thousands of Kurdish families waited for their loved ones to return. They believed the day would come when Saddam Hussein would fall, the prisons in the south would open and the missing would come home. But in the eight months since the Iraqi dictator was deposed, not a single person who disappeared during the Anfal military campaign of 1988 has returned alive." I pull weeds when they're minimal otherwise they'd overtake my yard. Your doctor wants to examine a small mole on your neck before it becomes critical. Operational breakdowns in an oil refinery that are identified through maintenance checks are dealt with prior to their causing the refinery to shutdown. It's a pretty basic concept isn't it?

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