Saturday, December 27, 2003

"Unless you are willing to...

go fight in a place like Iraq, you have no right to send our sons and daughters over there to be killed." So said a friend of mine who, obviously, does not agree with the approach the Bush administration has taken in Iraq. Although his concern has a sincere foundation, I suspect that he has made a mistake in logical application. He has attached a potential lack of bravado in pursuing a course of action (e.g., taking out Saddam) with the measure of morality in that course of action. First and foremost, he needs to understand that the reasons for our taking action in Iraq have nothing to do with whether one is personally willing to take that action. I believe a convincing argument can be made that we justifiably entered Iraq as part of our war on terror - in other words - for the protection of the United States. Now, one may certainly disagree with this assessment, but that is another issue entirely. Do you see the bait and switch they attempt? Simply because you or I may be unwilling to place our lives on the line does not mandate that the cause itself is unjust... it just means that we are potentially hypocritical (and cowardly).

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