Monday, January 26, 2004

Worshipping the Creation...

Breakpoint has a post that dovetails in with my comments on our tendency to worship the creation rather than the Creator. In Fatal Visions, Chuck tells of the mountain biker killed and partially eaten by a mountain lion here in so. Cal. earlier this month. He then ties that in to a similar incident in Boulder a few years back in which a teenager was killed by a mountain lion. Yet the difference was that the radical environmentalist bias in Boulder didn't view the repeated spottings of mountain lions in the area as a threat - even when pets were being eaten at night. In fact, after the killing, one teacher of the teenager suggested that his body be left in the wilderness so the animals could finish what they do. Last year there was a woman killed by a shark near a pier in Avila Beach, California. She had on a wet suit and flippers and was swimming with a group of seals. It was said she liked to commune with Nature while swimming in the harbor. In Alaska a bear photographer was mauled and killed after getting a bit too close to a grizzly. This "oneness" with Nature mentality is not only non-Biblical... it is dangerous.

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