Friday, January 23, 2004

The Chosen...

Thanks to Breakpoint for the link to this malarkey. From the NARAL website: Generation Pro-Choice It’s not just your mother’s pro-choice movement… If you support access to birth control, sex education and abortion, and you've never lived in a time when abortion was illegal -- then congratulations, you are Generation Pro-Choice. And we need your help getting other young people involved in the fight to protect the right to privacy and a woman's right to choose -- or else quite frankly, we're gonna lose it. "It's not just your mother's pro-choice movement..." One hopes that our young people are intelligent enough to understand that their mother's pro-choice movement has produced millions of dead choices. Would that they be intelligent enough to realize that their existence could easily have ended up as one of those dead, legal choices. Finally, let's hope they can see through the flimsy rhetoric of the NARAL, which only sees fit to grant them the right to call the woman who bore them the title of mother based soley on that woman's choice.

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