Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A Scientifically Testable Creation Model...

How is this possible? Are we saying that science can prove creation? No. Reasons to Believe is saying that we can test the predicitions made by competing scientific models. Per Hugh Ross, "...the scientific method comes from the Bible and from biblical theology. The core of this method is an appeal to the interpreter to delay drawing conclusions until both the frame of reference and the initial conditions have been established. If we approach Genesis in this way, we discover that we can, indeed, discern there a scientifically plausible, objectively defensible account of creation." I won't try to explain their Scientifically Testable Creation Model in detail; you can read for yourself at their site. But here is a short synopsis of their methodology: The Biblical model posits that God exists outside of the created order and that He not only created the universe and all that it contains at a finite point in the past, but that He created Time as well. The prediction made from this would be that space-time began at a finite point in time in the past through a transcendent event. Through data such as the WMAP results, confirmation of the validity of the Big Bang continue to pour in. Such a model is consistent with the statements found in the Bible. If in fact, God is the Designer of all life, then we should expect life, in its most simplest form and in its earliest form, to be complex. Why? Because an omnipotent designer is not constrained to build systems from the simpler to the more complex, as is posited by Evolution. Furthermore the Bible paints a picture of a caring and loving Creator... not one who is removed from his work. As more and more data is acquired it is becoming evident that life, even in its most basic form, is highly complex. We should expect life forms to appear quickly in the fossil record. Once again, the Bible paints a picture of a God who is intimately involved with His creative work. The Hebrew words used in describing His creative work show Him to be the force at work... not nature. We see this reflected in the fossil record in events such as the Cambrian Explosion as well as the speed of introduction of new species after extinction events. Finally, the Bible describes the human race as coming from two individuals, specially created in the recent past - anywhere from 6,000 to 50,000 years ago. The scientific evidence is mounting that humanity came from a small group of individuals in the recent past. Anthropologists refer to the "Mind's Big Bang" when describing how the attributes of humanity exploded onto the scene. Virtually all genetic links to Neandertal and other primates have been eliminated. Again this list is by no means comprehensive. If one is interested in further analysis or discussion, Reasons to Believe has a weekly webcast in which they discuss the latest discoveries supporting their model. Questions are appreciated from believers and non-believers alike (by phone or e-mail... although phone-in questions get priority). The moderators are cordial and more than willing to listen to views contrary to their own.

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