Thursday, January 29, 2004

Kids will be kids...

Check Homeless Man Freed After False Attack Allegation. It seems an 11 year old girl had a boyfriend that her parents didn't approve of (yeah, wait 'til your 12 kid) and was late after spending time with him. Rather than take the heat for that she thought up a story of her and her friends being attacked in a local park. She convinced her friends to go along with the story and the three of them went to the park, rolled around in the grass, crawled through some bushes to get some scratches, and then went home and told their parents they had been attacked. It seems that the police picked up a homeless guy not long after that and included him in a picture lineup for the girls. The first girl picked him out and noted the location of the photo for the other two girls (unbeknownst to the cops). That was 8 months ago. The girls finally fessed up on Monday and this guy was let go.

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