Monday, January 19, 2004

40 Years Ago...

Beatlemania started in the U.S. It seems that Marsha Albert wanted to hear I Want To Hold Your Hand and made a request at her local radio station. Once it hit the airwaves its popularity spread and, as they say, one thing led to another... resulting in the British Invasion beginning about February 1964. Interesting sidenote... if the Red Sea had parted in January 1964, then the Israelites would just now be entering the Promised Land wouldn't they? Anyway, there's a big bash planned in honor of the 40th anniversary. Private Eyes were hired to find this Marsha Albert but they were unsuccessful. Finally, it seems, a reporter tracked her down. She's living outside of the D.C. area, married, with grown-up children. She wants no part of the celebrations and prefers to remain anonymous. In fact, in the Washington Post article, she states, "I bought and listened to all the records, and I saw the movies, but that's about it. Then I grew up." (emphasis added)

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