Sunday, January 18, 2004

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday...

We had a representative from the Grace Elliott Center in Compton (southern California) speak at our church today. They are a grass-roots organization dedicated "to meet the needs of parents, teens and young women who are facing a crisis pregnancy situation." They offer: Medical Services such as free pregnancy testing; Counseling for crisis pregnancy, abstinence, pre- and post- abortion; Education such as parenting classes; Referrals to WIC, community resources, maternity homes, and adoption referrals; plus Other services such as baby clothing and furniture and the True Love Waits chastity program. They're a small group desiring to make a big impact. Last year they were able to convince 75 women to forego their abortions, thus saving 75 babies. 75 babies in one year out of 1,200 abortions per day in the U.S. may not seem like much... but they are 75 human beings nonetheless. If you don't already have a crisis pregnancy center you support, consider the Grace Elliott Center. 2817 N. Wilmington Ave. Compton, CA 90222 310-635-0181

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