Friday, January 09, 2004

Links for Friday...

Evangelical Outpost mentions a post from Captain's Quarters on Clues for the Clueless, in which he analyzes the mass media's ignorance of things religious and, in particular, how the church should respond to matters sexual. Joe also links to a new Hewitt inspired blog, Everything I Know Is Wrong. Sheesh, visit it just because of the cool title! Finally, check out Professor Bainbridge and his post on the Mars Mission proposal. Well, it's such a short post I'll just copy it here, "So President Bush is going to propose manned missions to Mars and the Moon. Why? So a bunch of ex-fighter jocks can play Buzz Lightyear and go to "infinity and beyond"? I'd really like to see a serious cost-benefit analysis before I get all excited about this proposal." I agree Professor. I'd like to see more unmanned missions though... less glamorous to be sure, but a heck of lot more safer. This... you must remember, is fiction and, due to the laws of physics, will almost certainly remain so.

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