Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Reminder on Mark Roberts...

After reading Mark D. Roberts series (1 - 9 out of 11) on Developing a Biblical Worldview in 2004 I won't say that I recommend it... instead, I'll say that I strongly recommend it! These are the types of posts that Christians need to be reading, and applying. Mark takes an interesting look at Genesis and how it correlates to our understanding of God, the physical realm, ourselves, our condition, etc. I think I'll use that as a lead-in to a future post on The Point of the Creation Story (hint: although I'm an Old-Earth Creationist, the post won't deal at all with the questions of "when" and "how long?"). Update: Oops! The post has been edited with the correct link. Mark D. Roberts' blog can be found at www.markdroberts.com

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