Friday, January 02, 2004

Accept people the way they are...

We had our interim pastor do a "skit" of sorts a few weeks ago. I was not in church that morning but I've heard of this being done before in one way or another. What he did was to come down the aisle dressed similar to a homeless person. It was an eye opening illustration designed with the intent to get one to think. He then addressed the congregation with the essential message of, "Accept people the way they are." Well... maybe. If the person you meet, dressed or looking ragged, does not have the means or understanding to present themselves fit for public viewing, then by all means - accept them as they are. But if the person is aware, or should be aware, of rules of proper conduct - they have set themselves up for chastisement. You are in a position to accept the person but not the behavior. The responsibility would then fall on our shoulders to insure that we convey God's love to them in a respectful manner. Consider if this pastor were to decide to dress in that manner as a matter of practice? (I know this person, and I know that this would not happen) Would we, as a congregation, simply have to accept him as he was? I think not. The reason being that he knows better. It's pretty much that simple.

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