Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Day after King Day...

For an interesting take on MLK's sexual virility as well as his drive to champion Civil Rights, read Remembering Martin Luther King Jr., by Richard John Neuhaus in the October 2002 issue of First Things. Despite the "pelvic issues" discussed, it is not a slam on MLK. Neuhaus knew him personally and the article surprisingly, for me, praises King's overall efforts. Neuhaus closes with, "Marshall Frady and others are right: if everything was known then that is known now, Dr. King would early have been brought to public ruin, and there would almost certainly be no national holiday in his honor. But God writes straight with crooked lines, and he used his most unworthy servant Martin to create in our public life a luminous moment of moral truth about what Gunnar Myrdal rightly called “the America dilemma,” racial justice. It seems a long time ago now, but there is no decline in the frequency of my thanking God for his witness and for having been touched, however briefly, by his friendship, praying that he may rest in peace, and that his cause may yet be vindicated."

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