Sunday, November 02, 2003

Target Practice...

A helicopter has been shot down in Iraq, killing 15 U.S. GIs. It should be clear at this point that Saddam loyalists have hunkered down and begun a systematic set of attacks on the U.S. forces. This was planned. This is why there was such little resistance when Baghdad was overtaken. I am a planner by trade. Plans are, essentially, educated guesses. Despite our technology we have not yet been able to reliably predict the future. Hence... NOTE THIS POINT LIBERALS... we always end up revising our plans! Sometimes it is minimal, sometimes it is drastic. That we may now have to change our approach in post-War Iraq is not an admission of failure. There's another planner in my office that has a quote from General Patton is his cube, "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow... A perfect plan doesn't exist, and tomorrow never comes." Instead of giving the Saddam loyalists targets to shoot at, we must now go on the offensive, track these terrorists down, and eradicate them.

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