Monday, November 17, 2003

Bush in the United Kingdom...

Powerline referenced an op-ed by the London Telegraph, Bush's visit will be expensive, but America has paid many times over. It's an interesting piece that highlights the massive security surrounding GWB's upcoming visit and contrasts it with the ungrateful, whining attitude of many Britons. Written by Tom Utley, he concludes the op-ed with, "Many Britons are kicking up a fuss about all the disruption that the President's visit will cause, and the cost of the security operation to the Treasury... "What did the Americans do for us?" For a start, they twice saved us from German tyranny, entering conflicts that were not obviously their own; they rebuilt the economies of Europe and Japan; they gave democracy a chance all over the world; they gave us Hollywood and The Simpsons, the internet and the Boeing 747. Britain's greatest ever contribution to civilisation was the liberal democracy upon which America was founded, and for which its President is now the chief standard-bearer. How dare people quibble about the cost of his visit, when America has paid us a billion times more, in blood and dollars?" Very well said.

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