Friday, November 21, 2003


Per Twin Attacks Appear Timed to Deliver a Message, in the L.A. Times, "PARIS — The twin bombings Thursday in Istanbul sent a pointed message to the United States and a wide array of allies that a resurgent terrorist network retains the power to strike despite tight local security and an ongoing international crackdown. By bombing the British Consulate and the headquarters of a Britain-based bank, the attackers served notice on Washington's chief ally in Iraq and other members of its coalition, as well as moderate Islamic countries, that cooperating with the Bush administration is risky — and that the danger extends to the business as well as the diplomatic community." Per Blair is more determined than ever to back Bush war against terrorism, in the Daily Telegraph, "Mr Blair said the blasts would not lessen Britain's commitment to Iraq. He denied a television reporter's suggestion that they were a direct result of Britain supporting the US-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein. "If they [the terrorists] think they are going to somehow weaken us or make us think, well, let's shuffle to the back of the queue and hide away from this, they are wrong." A senior Bush administration official last night said it was misleading to interpret the attacks as an attempt to split the alliance. "If they were trying to drive a wedge ... then they surely failed and did nothing but cement that alliance more strongly," the official said" The world is a big place. Those on the side of good are constrained in their use of force... those on the side of evil are not. As said by many people, over and over, this war will be long. This war will extend beyond borders. This war will test our resolve. But this war will be won.

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