Wednesday, November 12, 2003

It takes a Big Brother...

What is it with the Libs? Last week, Al Gore-rhythm criticized Bush' approach to national security citing that freedoms shouldn't be compromised to fight terror. Among other things, Gore said that "the new technologies of surveillance, long anticipated by novelists like Orwell and other prophets of the 'Police State,' are now more widespread than they have ever been." Welcome Big Brother? How does that sit with rookie Senator Clinton's It Takes a Village philosophy? We all know that it ain't a village she's talking about. Or what about First5 California and their goal of mandatory pre-school? Now we hear that the Human Resources Subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee, held a hearing to examine "a recent failure to protect child safety". (emphasis added) Where do they claim we are failing to protect child safety? - In HOMESCHOOLS across America! Therefore, so the thinking goes, we need to track and monitor all homeschools. Hey Al! H. R. Clinton! Help! You need to let your followers know about this Big Brother tactic! Hello?!... Are you listening Al?... Billary?... Of course they aren't listening. But, per the HSLDA article, listen to Carla Katz, president of a union representing social workers in New Jersey, who testified at the hearing. "Home schooling creates gaps. Nearly 20% of all abuse cases are reported by schools. When children are outside the school system, extra protections are critical. There are no home schooling regulations that would require homeschooled children to see anyone from the public education system. There is no cross-referencing with the Department of Education to look for children who are in the 'system' but have not been seen by anyone." (emphasis added) So, once they've got the homeschoolers "in the system", what's the next step? Well, they've already targeted all preschoolers... the only group left are infants to preschool age. Tell you what Ms. Katz? Let's take a look at the ratio of child abuse across all children who are homeschooled and compare that with the ratio of child abuse across all children who are in public schools. Wanna bet what the numbers will say?

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