Friday, November 07, 2003

Book List...

Here are a few picks from my shelf, read recently or, not so recently: The Art of Political War, David Horowitz - former Leftist Horowitz tells us that Politics is war, and that it should be fought as war. He lists 6 principles which the Left understands but conservatives miss: 1) Politics is war conducted by other means, 2) Politics is a war of position, 3) In political warfare, the aggressor usually prevails, 4) Position is defined by fear and hope, 5) The weapons of politics are symbols evoking fear and hope, and 6) Victory lies on the side of the people. Every blogger should read this. Afterglow of Creation, Marcus Chown - ever heard of the COBE satellite? Chown details the significance of the detection of ripples in the microwave background radiation left over from the Big Bang. The resulting image shows the time when light was first able to separate from darkness, approximately 300,000 years after the creation event. Scaling the Secular City, J.P. Moreland - an early, 1987, book by Moreland. He outlines apologetic strategies such as the Cosmological Argument, God and the Argument from Mind, as well as hitting on the Historicity of the New Testament. Rare Earth, Peter D. Ward & Donald Brownlee - an atheist and an agnostic propose that complex life is uncommon, if not nonexistent, in the universe. Their thesis is backed by the multitude of "just right" features that must exist in the universe, solar system, and planet in order for complex life to survive. Excellent, yet unintended, apologetic material for the existence of a caring Designer... produced by non-Christians no less! The Creator and the Cosmos, Hugh Ross - Christian physicist / astronomer details the evidence for the God of the Bible via what we know of the Cosmos. Good listings of "fine tuned" features within the universe that allow life to exist. Byzantium, Stephen Lawhead - historical fiction by a Christian author. The paperback version is 870 pages long... he gets into detail. Although it starts slowly, once you're in it's a wild ride from the Irish coast circa A.D. 940, into the land of the Vikings, all the way down to Constantinople (Byzantium), and into Arabia. You HAVE to read to the end... if you stop before page 862 you will have missed the point. Also... Darwin's Black Box, Michael Behe Faith & Reason, Ron Nash Intelligent Design, William Dembski Written on the Heart, J. Budziszewski Miracles, C.S. Lewis Ethics, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Show Me God, Fred Heeren

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