Thursday, November 06, 2003

I'm back...

Just returned from a trip to Missouri (don't ask why). Covered over 3,500 miles in the last 10 days and here are some of the highlights... cheapest gas - $1.29 / gal. in Oklahoma (of course, you would have to live in OK) best breakfast - Cracker Barrel (hands down) most expensive gas - $2.09 / gal. in Needles, CA (why would you live in a place called "needles" anyway?) best bbq - Grandaddys BBQ in "downtown" Strafford, MO (all you gotta do is check the smoker outside - "if the smoke is white, the fire's right!") best breakfast on Route 66 - Old Smokey's in Williams, AZ (with it 27 degrees outside this morning, bacon 'n eggs and coffee really hit the spot) worst traffic - coming down I-15's Cajon Pass in southern California (I am seriously questioning Hugh Hewitt's recommendation that L.A. is one of the three places to live in the U.S.) Lots to come in the next few days... Judicial "hocus-pocus" regarding the partial birth ban and the so-called right to choose; the U.S. strategy in Iraq, and "experiencing" God.

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