Sunday, November 09, 2003

The Internet Creator's Big Brother...

Per the Washington Post, Gore Criticizes Bush Approach to Security: Freedoms Shouldn't Be Compromised To Fight Terror, Ex-Vice President Says, we find the creator of the Internet accusing the Bush admin of exploiting the 9/11 attacks "to justify an undemocratic suspension of domestic freedoms and to create a government built on "secrecy and deception."" Gore also said, "I want to challenge the Bush administration's implicit assumption that we have to give up many of our traditional freedoms in order to be safe from terrorists. Rather than defending our freedoms, this administration has sought to abandon them. Rather than accepting our traditions of openness and accountability, this administration has opted to rule by secrecy and unquestioned authority. Its assaults on our core democratic principles have only left us less free and less secure." (emphasis added) Wow Al! Just which domestic and traditional freedoms have we had suspended? Let's see... there's that Bill of Rights document... hmmm, why don't we start at the first one? Freedom of Religion? - nope - I know we still have that one because my family and I attended church today. Freedom of Speech? - nope - I know we still have that one by proof of my modest blog (as well as the article of your ill-informed speech). Freedom of Assembly? - nope - you and your co-horts proved we still have that one. Okay, in fairness to Al, the article does state that he, "urged Congress to repeal the Patriot Act, with its broad enhancements of government powers that allow federal agents to "sneak and peek" at citizens' private records; enter citizens' homes in secret; and hold citizens indefinitely without access to legal counsel or a hearing before a judge." Of course, weren't we left so vulnerable for 9/11 precisely because we had lax security measures? So, please tell me, how does keeping those lax security procedures increase our security level? You just don't get it do you Al? How can we have increased security around nuclear facilities, power plants, water reservoirs, etc., unless we bump up the government's security procedures? Tell you what Al?... Grab a cab, go to the airport, and ask people boarding a plane if they'd rather go through the inconvenience and invasion of their privacy by having increased security checking, or if they'd rather just take their chances by letting everyone on board willy nilly?

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