Saturday, November 15, 2003

Davis out...

After 5 Years, Davis Leaves a Lasting Imprint: The outgoing governor's legacy includes laws on health care and gay rights, Indian gaming and limits on auto emissions... so says the L.A. Times editorial. Lasting Imprint?... yeah, they got that right. They say, "Davis repeatedly called education his "first, second and third priority." Over the last five years, Davis and the Legislature spent an additional $9 billion on kindergarten through high school education. The state will spend $6,887 per pupil this year, almost 20% more than the $5,757 spent in 1998-99. The National Education Assn. places California 29th in per pupil spending, up from 43rd when Davis took office. California teachers are the highest paid in the nation." Translation: We've spent more money. How about a look at where California students score academically as compared to the rest of the nation? Why do you think that data is conveniently missing from the editorial? "Davis signed 447 bills backed by organized labor, according to the Senate Labor Committee." I was wondering why so many companies are leaving California! "Davis signed gambling agreements with Indian tribes in 1999, his first year in office, and voters ratified the deals. Since then, Indian casinos' revenue, closely guarded by most tribes, has risen from an estimated $1.5 billion in 1999 to about $5 billion a year." Is there anyone out there who still doesn't understand why McClintock got money from the Indian casinos? "Davis, a cautious and moderate politician, took a leadership role on gay-rights issues. It was one area in which he consistently agreed to bold changes. Critics called his expansion of domestic partner rights an attack on the institution of marriage — and a subversion of Proposition 22, a successful 2000 ballot measure that defined marriage as between a man and a woman." And the "critics" were right! I wonder if the Democrats in Sacramento have gotten the message sent by the voters last month? It's pretty obvious that the Times hasn't.

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