Wednesday, April 28, 2004

What do Christians believe?...

Update: revised 1st paragraph per X's comment below... In recent discussions regarding Theistic Evolution I argue that it is logically inconsistent to believe in both Christianity and Theistic Evolution. I've had some people tell me that I am in error due to the fact that there are Christians around who claim to believe in both Christianity and Theistic Evolution. I think there is something a bit twisted with that reasoning in that it tends to beg the question. That is, just because one claims to hold to both beliefs does not necessarily dictate that such a claim is logically coherent. Consider Albert Mohler's recent article, The Alliance of Baptists Affirms Same-Sex Marriage.
Supporters of same-sex marriage have been aided in their quest to normalize homosexuality by a constellation of liberal religious groups--including some of the historic Christian denominations. These groups now serve as theological enablers for the homosexual movement's rejection of Christian morality. ...The Alliance directed its most critical words at Christian denominations that oppose same-sex marriage. "As Christians and as Baptists, we particularly lament the denigration of our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender sisters and brothers in this debate by those who claim to speak for God." ...The Alliance's original covenant began with a call for its members to claim "the freedom of the individual, led by God's Spirit within the family of faith, to read and interpret the Scriptures, relying on the historical understanding by the church and on the best methods of modern biblical study." That wording was carefully crafted to allow the group and its members to deny the authority and truthfulness of difficult biblical texts dealing with issues like sexuality, while claiming to be "led by God's Spirit" and relying on historical interpretation and the "best methods" of modern biblical scholarship.
What would happen if we were to apply the same type of logic that supporters of TE use in this situation?

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