Thursday, April 29, 2004

Left leaning and lost...

In case you haven't seen this mentioned on another blog already, check out the article, Pat Tillman: Dumb jock, baby killer?, by Ben Shapiro regarding some not so flattering comments the Left has been spewing out in reference to Pat Tillman. Here's an excerpt:
What would you call Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinal football player killed in Afghanistan? A hero? An inspiring example of American military men and women? A model of principled strength? How about a "dumb jock"? A "baby killer"? A "dumb-a--"? A victim of "brainwashing"? If you were a regular reader of, odds are that you'd put him in the latter group. You'd think that Pat Tillman was a boob, a complete dimwit at best -- you might even believe that Pat Tillman was an evil person and deserved what he got.

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