Tuesday, April 13, 2004

From the halls of higher education...

Sorority women told to lie to give blood, per CNN.
COLUMBIA, Missouri (AP) -- The national office of a sorority whose members were urged to lie about their health to boost turnout in a competitive campus blood drive apologized Tuesday.
Check out the verbatim quotes from sophomore Christie Key, the chapter's blood donation coordinator,
"I dont (sic) care if you got a tattoo last week LIE. I dont (sic) care if you have a cold. Suck it up. We all do. LIE. Recent peircings (sic)? LIE." She added: "Even if youre (sic) going to use the Do Not Use My Blood sticker, GIVE ANYWAY."
It's nice to know what her priorities are, not to mention how discreetly she instructs her sisters to LIE. I've got my own message for her: "Ms. Key, Dont you no what a contrackshun is? Dont you study any thing in colledge? Even if youre going to LIE you should at leest look intelligent."

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