Thursday, April 08, 2004

John Mark Reynolds on ID...

Check John Mark Reynolds blog and also his article, Getting God a Pass: Orthodox Theology and Intelligent Design. An excerpt:
The liturgy allows even the pagan to see the beauty of God and his Word. The icon allows even the non-Christian a window to heaven. The story is told that Russia was converted when the combination of physical and spiritual beauty overwhelmed their ambassadors in the Great Church of the Holy Wisdom. Even the pagan, as Saint John, points out can see the Word when he puts on human flesh. Our reaction to his Light may be to try to snuff it out or it may be to worship in his Glory, but it can be seen. Theistic naturalism destroys this image. It makes nature a closed book. While still maintaining that it was created by God, the theistic naturalist holds that a pagan can look at it without seeing his glory. The man of science can handle creation without seeing that it is a creation. In fact, the theistic naturalist would have the Christian adopt rules for science that would prevent such a thing.

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