Monday, April 26, 2004

On the Abortion Rights march...

Check for Latrell's post, Addendum to Reid's "March" post:
My personal vote for the "classiest" placard at the March for Women's Lives was one that appeared on a sign brandished by washed-up actress Cybil Shepherd. It read:
"Too bad John Ashcroft's mother didn't believe in abortion"
Talk about the politics of personal destruction. Seeing as Ashcroft was born well before Roe v Wade, had his mother been inclined to have had an abortion, she probably would have used one of those coat hangers like those that many of the marchers were carrying yesterday (and in a proverbial "back-alley"). According to the abortion rights movement, using a coat hanger was not exactly a safe procedure, but I guess the health of John Ashcroft's mother doesn't really concern them that much.
What if Janet Reno held to the same point of view as John Ashcroft? Substituting her name in place of his on Shepherd's placard would be consistent with Shepherd's view of abortion... but it would run completely against the so-called "March for Women's Lives."

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