Thursday, September 02, 2004

Moore is part of the vast right wing conspiracy...

The news is out - Michael Moore is, in reality, a Republican operative. Per Ideoblog,
The Republicans are (rightly in my view) playing up 9/11. But there's a hitch in their story: So are the Dems. In other words, who is the bad guy here? Answer: it's that shaggy guy up there gesturing from the gallery. While the Democratic Party is trying so hard to be reasonable, to appeal to the American center, the Republicans have hired somebody to pose as the archetype of the evil Democrat they can run against. The Democrats can't denounce him because that would alienate their "base." To make the plan even more devilish, the Republicans don't have to pay Moore -- he gets his cut in tickets to "9/11." You've got to hand it to Karl Rove for dreaming this whole thing up.
Hat tip: Professor Bainbridge

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