Sunday, September 12, 2004


Santa Ynez Valley, CA ©1995 RL Monument Valley, AZ ©1998 RL

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Rusty said...


Rusty, I'm curious to know what equipment you use. Any filters or digital enhancement?
Bonnie | Email | 09.14.04 - 8:11 am | #



These two were shot with a Canon Elan using a Canon 20mm lens. I'll have to check, but the film was probably Velvia (Fuji) which produces very saturated color images (too saturated for some folk). I recently purchased a Canon S410 digital camera, so just about all the 2004 pics you see here will be from that.

To digitally enhance, or not? That is the question. There's a lot of debate on whether it is proper to digitally enhance photos. IMO, photographs have always been enhanced whether through the use of filters and/or techniques like dodging and burning.

Anyway, I do make digital adjustments to the image's levels, saturation, color balance, etc. If I post a pic where my adjustments have "stepped over the line," so to speak, I will note it.
Rusty Lopez | Email | Homepage | 09.14.04 - 12:31 pm | #


Thanks, Rusty.

Of course it's OK to manipulate photos; it's all part of the creative process I'm curious though as to what would qualify as "stepping over the line"...
Bonnie | Email | Homepage | 09.15.04 - 5:14 pm | #


Bonnie, I haven't followed it for a few years now, but the advent of digital technology fueled a debate over the limits, if there were any, with which a photographer could alter his images. For instance, some people were upset when a well known nature photographer admitted that he had altered a recently published image of zebras to enhance the photographic appeal of the photo. The complaint was that he had added data that wasn't in the original, without disclosing as much up front. His response was much like yours in that it was simply a part of the creative process.

As for "stepping over the line," that's a bit subjective. Tell you what, I'll post a few pics in the next couple of weeks and explain what I did to them... let's see if anyone considers it "stepping over the line."
Rusty | Email | Homepage | 09.15.04 - 7:42 pm | #