Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lileks on Zell...

Whoo boy!, check out what Lileks has to say about Zell's speech.
The angriest man at the convention turns out to be a Democrat: who'd have thunk. He's brutal. He’s hammering Kerry like a blacksmith; if Kerry was a horseshoe he’d be thinner than aluminum foil. Zell doesn’t gesture, either, which makes him look like someone in handcuffs making a final defiant speech before sentencing.
He also reveals what should be obvious regarding Halliburton,
Yes, yes, I know. Halliburton. But if you wanted to make money rebuilding a country's infrastructure, wouldn't it be easier to drop sanctions in exchange for lucractive contracts fulfilled with the help of the existing regime?
Exactly. What's more, the nonsensical Blood for Oil argument falls flat on its face when one looks only a few hundred miles away at Qatar. There are natural gas reserves sitting there that will last at least for the next 25 years. The nice thing about it is... Qatar has no military to protect it. So why waste time, money, and lives in Iraq when we could slide right in and take over Qatar? Unless, of course, the Blood for Oil argument is nonsense. "I'm reporting for duty... Mr. President."

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