Thursday, September 09, 2004


Well I guess it's final. New Seal, Sans Cross, Offers Other Changes, per the L.A. Times (free registration required), is the result of the ACLUnatics threatening a lawsuit on the County of Los Angeles for its county seal containing a small cross (pssst... now no one go and tell the ACLUnatics that Los Angeles means the angels, okay?). Here's a comparison of the old and the new (politically correct) improved version. From the article,
The miniature gold cross that once adorned the Los Angeles County seal has been erased. So have the oil derricks and the bountiful goddess Pomona, all scrubbed off by county leaders who voted to redesign the emblem after the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue over the use of a cross in a government seal. ...A Spanish galleon, a couple of engineering tools, a tuna and a dairy cow named Pearlette all made the cut, but — look closely, now — the new seal's right side depicts a cross-free San Gabriel Mission. And in the seal's center, Pomona, goddess of fruit trees, has been deposed in favor of a barefoot Native American woman carrying a bowl, meant to represent the area's early inhabitants.
It kind of makes you wonder what the seal will look like in another fifty years. Hat tip:

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