Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rusty Nails, 2/9/05...

Lawyer: Woman accuses Cosby of 'inappropriate touching' and Cosby lawyer denies fondling allegations. If I was thinking conspiracy, I might think these allegations are in retaliation for Bill's recent, and outspoken, stance with regards to the African-American community as found in the article The outspoken Bill Cosby: Comedian challenges African-American community.
Cosby's ire is focused at the African-American community: its rates of juvenile delinquency, its parenting, the coarse language of its youth. You can do better, he exhorts his audiences. Don't let yourself be victims, and especially don't let the poorest in the community let themselves be victims.
########## If I were to lead police on a car chase at 4 a.m., lose control of my car, then back my car into a police patrol car, would they have sufficient reason to shoot me? You're first inclination should be to get more facts than what I've presented you with. What caused the chase? Was I alone? Where were the officers when I backed into the patrol car? Was it known whether I had a weapon? Being the middle of the night, how well lit was the area in which the shooting occurred? How about these two additional questions: What if I was black? And, what if I was 13 years old? A 13 year old black boy was gunned down by the LAPD a couple of days ago after leading them on a car chase which ended as I described above. In the ensuing outcry over why the police felt the need to "murder" a 13 year old black boy, it is somewhat disheartening to see that very few people, if any, seem concerned about the reason why a 13 year old black boy was driving a car at 4 a.m. While certainly not a crime worthy of death, is it plausible to immediately attribute it to police targeting a person because of his race? ########### Off the Top has some updated photos in her gallery. ########## Checkout a fine post by OMFSerge, at Imago Dei, titled The Myth of Moral Neutrality: Parental Consent Part 3.
Having a child have the "right" to receive prescription contraceptives affirms their sexual choices by someone in authority. Instead of feeling that they are engaging in an action that their parents believe is dangerous and immoral, the actions of their doctor implies that they are being responsible and merely making an (adult) choice. As opposed to their parents, who just don't understand them and impose moral rules on their behavior, the doctor affirms their choices without moral comment and enables their more "adult-like" behavior. Do we really believe this has no effect on the child's behavior, and their decision to engage in sexual activity?

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