Friday, February 18, 2005

Rusty Nails, 2/18/05...

OMF Serge at Imago Dei links to my post below, Naturally Designed, in a post titled, Pharyngeal Phantasies?. Besides providing us with a link to view the muscles in a cadaver, he asks an interesting question regarding how cranial nerves in humans and fish are related, or not. I've thought the issue similar to why, if the idea of common descent is valid, do similar genes express differently in various species, and different genes express similarly? ########## On something I forgot to mention a while back: The Professor may know oodles about corporate law, but to posit that The Who is the greatest rock 'n roll band ever (over The Beatles?) can only mean he's been doing a bit too much wine tasting. ########## Stop by What Attitude Problem? for you daily Day by Day update.


Anonymous said...

I don't have much to say about what you right other than as a Christian man myself your outlook and points of view are far from logical and definetly not clear.

To have the EO state on the side that you use CT skills is a howler. No one with any CT skills could buy into ID and use the disgusting rationalizations you use. You are both dishonest about evidence and your motives.

He's correct about one thing, you will definetly change how people perceive Christians, for the worse.

We need to be honest. Evolution is factual, things evolve. To use the standards of evidence with which you reject evolution and accept the tenets of our faith(resurrection, miracles, etc) must be the product of a dicotomous mind.

To disavow the reality of evolution and embrace as reality things taken on faith is to release oneself from reason and common sense. In trivializes both our faith and human knowledge. It makes our existence meaningless, which it may be, but your stance guarantees it.

We have no evidence for our faith, the bible is taken on faith. It likely was never intended for the uses many supposed Christians use it for, to quote Thomas Jefferson-'If God exists surely it must appreciate reason far more than any superstious belief'

To say your website is a function of clear thinking and laughably Critical thinking is the height of illogic. You need to get better. You simply a dude pretending to be a pseudointellectual, mainly talking about things you know little about.

greg said...

I saw the Beatles live at Balboa Stadium in San Diego in 1964. I say "saw" because they were impossible to hear over all the screaming. The Who, on their best night, never even came close. Saw them three times and each time they were good -- not great, but good. The Beatles were great. They still are. I still listen to the Beatles. Can't say the same for the Who.