Monday, May 10, 2004

A Touchstone Editor...

Graeme Hunter is one of two new editors for Touchstone. The Touchstone site references an article Hunter wrote titled, Thoughts on Homeschooling. He writes,
...[an] other objection reported by the editors is that homeschooled children are 'socially awkward'. It requires much imagination to make this objection square with my own experience. However I can see how it might be true occasionally, for the simple reason that socially awkward children would be more likely to find school intolerable, and so to be homeschooled, than would the socially well-adjusted. But let me return to speaking from experience. As members of a relatively large homeschooling organization (around 300 families) we take part in a good number of group activities. Public institutions (such as museums, galleries, theatres) that we attend hurry to ask us back. They are amazed to find groups of children who use facilities in the way they were intended, who respect the officers of the institution, who are articulate in their questions and generous in their thanks. If homeschooled children stand out in society, we have not found it to be due to awkwardness.

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