Wednesday, May 26, 2004

ACLU lunacy...

Okay, so the title is redundant. Check the official seal of the County of Los Angeles, California. Pretty outrageous stuff isn't it? Well the ACLU thinks so. In ACLU threatens to sue over L.A. County's cross seal, we find,
The American Civil Liberties Union says it will sue the county unless it removes a tiny cross from its official seal. The ACLU Southern California chapter said Monday the "Latin cross" on the nearly 50-year-old seal is a religious symbol and represents a government-sponsored endorsement of Christianity.
County supervisor Mike Antonovich was not impressed as he wrote, in a letter to the ACLU,
Your failure to understand the history and to rewrite it from the so-called political correctness follows the hate of past book burners...
From the County's website, the significance of the cross is explained as,
The cross represents the influence of the church and the missions of California.
Anyone the least bit familiar with California history understands that the Spanish missions played a significant part in that history. Whether it was good or bad is a debatable issue, but the fact remains that it was an objective reality. So instead of trying to keep the government from establishing a religion it seems that the ACLU is more interested in erasing historical background. Interestingly enough, the female so prominently portrayed on the seal is none other than the pagan goddess Pomona. Again, per the County's website,
The Goddess Pomona – the goddess of gardens and fruit trees – is holding in her arms a sheaf of grain, an orange, a lemon, an avocado and a few grapes to represent Los Angeles County’s agriculture.
Of course we should expect the ACLU to soon file suit with regards to her depiction on the County's seal... right?

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