Saturday, May 08, 2004

"So what?" - I'll tell you what...

Oh that posts at the Panda's Thumb were more like the ones I critiqued here or here. At least then we could discuss the various apsects of limb loss as contrasted to template similarities or whether probability boundaries have been crossed or not. But no... we have to muddle through such gems as: Answers in Nemesis Johnson's burning scientific issue Isn't that special? Religiously motivated incredulity Objective Origins: Just Say Noah! To be fair, not all of the contributors at the PT seem to have such a grudge against Christianity; and the contributors certainly have the right to voice their opinions on whatever topics they wish. But is the point of the PT to simply be a watering hole for evolutionists? Or is it meant to foster discussion on evolution and creation? I guess it's the former.

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