Wednesday, March 24, 2004

A Woman's Role...

Check Heather's Compromise: How Young Women Make Their Way in a World of Wimps and Barbarians, by Terrence O. Moore. It is a follow-up article to his Wimps & Barbarians article a few months back. Moore states,
Many young women today look upon the world of dating with anxiety, hopelessness, disappointment—even dread. They express disappointment with young men's stubborn immaturity, with their own slim chances of finding love, and with the sad fact that whereas in the past, everyone expected women not to have sex before marriage, nowadays everyone, especially their boyfriends, expects that they will. And though they often don't say so directly, many young women are disappointed by their parents' advice or, more often, complete lack of it. Young women have, of course, adjusted to the world around them. In the vernacular, they aren't looking for Mr. Right but for Mr. Right Now. But looking for Mr. Right Now has taken an enormous toll on their lives and emotions. The decision to look, or settle, for Mr. Right Now might be described as Heather's Compromise. Heather, today's young woman, is tempted continually to compromise her ultimate happiness for the momentary attention of an undependable young male on his terms.
Moore identifies three categories with which a young woman of today may fall into: Party-girl, Perrenial Girlfriend, or Romantic. It's a good read for anyone who has a daughter and wishes to better prepare her for the world of wimps and barbarians that awaits her. Thanks to Rev. Mike.

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