Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's all about Xperience...

The latest logo from the youth group at church reads, "The Wave: Xtreme Youth Experience." In the church newsletter there is a blurb beneath the logo which states:
We are in the process of re-creating our Sunday School for a time of servanthood and evangelism projects rather than classroom time.
Now I'm not saying that kids should be allowed to have fun, but a wholesale dismissal of classroom time in favor of experience-centered activities is hardly a disciple-building approach. That the projects are couched in terms such as servanthood and evangelism does nothing to justify denying solid Biblical teaching to our youth. If anything it should be clear that, as a whole, Evangelicals are sorely lacking in some of the most basic teachings of the Bible. Xtreme Sports feed off the adrenaline rush they produce in an endless loop. The rush you experience today does not satisfy you tomorrow, so you must constantly be on the prowl for an even greater rush. Do not expect it to be any different with a church experience.

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