Friday, March 26, 2004

Hugh Hewitt on Gay Marriage...

Check Hugh Hewitt's article in the Weekly Standard titled, Without the Consent of the Governed. He does a fine job of describing the Judicial Tyranny that the Left keeps telling us isn't there.
Never in the 228 years since the Declaration has any legislative body at the federal or state level passed any law with the intent of establishing the proposition that two people of the same sex could marry. Not once. The principle of equality between religions was consented to in the First Amendment; between races, in the 14th Amendment; between genders, in the 19th Amendment. Each of these principles had long and difficult passages to majoritarian and statutory status. Courts could not and did not impose them because courts cannot will majorities into being--they can only articulate the implications of previously established legislative actions.
It's amazing to listen to the arguments put forth by the Left on this issue. By the way they talk you'd think that we've been ushered in to a new age of Enlightenment... oh wait, I guess the Age of Reason has been painfully breaking us free from the superstitious myths of the past. You would think so with the way we're told how the gay marriage issue is comparable to that of slavery or racial equality. And that brings us to a post at World Magazine's blog titled, A Moral Wrong is not a Civil Right, in which various black pastors take issue with idea that the push for gay marriage is a civil rights issue. Here's what one pastor said, “I am black... I was born black. And I can get up and declare that I’m not black, but it won’t make one bit of difference. make this a civil rights issue is trying to say that this is something they cannot control, and that’s not true.”

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