Monday, March 29, 2004


Al Mohler over at has a post on a Time magazine article about stay-at-home-Moms. He quotes from the Time article:
"While boomer women sought career opportunities that were unavailable to their mostly stay-at-home moms, Gen Xers were the latchkey kids and the children of divorce. Also, their careers have bumped along in a roller-coaster, boom-bust economy that may have shaken their faith in finding reliable satisfaction at work."
He then states:
That may certainly be part of the answer, but something deeper seems also to be at work. Many of these mothers want to devote themselves to the raising of their children. They do not want to miss the irreplaceable joys of motherhood. Work and professional satisfaction may have been their primary concern at some point, but the arrival of children refocuses priorities and raises the largest questions about meaning in life. The reality is that few women can meet the parallel demands of work and home without significant stress and frustration. Inevitably, something has to give--and evidence mounts that it is the children who are most affected.

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