Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Voters, voters, we need voters...

Per the L.A. Times (registration required), S.F. Voters to Decide if Noncitizens Can Vote Ballot measure would affect only school board elections. A legal challenge is expected. 
Testing state law for the second time this year, San Francisco city leaders approved a controversial ballot proposal Tuesday that could allow noncitizens to vote in school board elections. The proposal, the first in the state but not the nation, would permit any adult with a child in public school — parent, guardian or caretaker — to vote regardless of citizenship status. ..."Every time you're on the cutting edge of any issue you're going to have legal issues," said Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, a Green Party member who introduced the proposal. "This body has taken a strong position on things like gay marriage, domestic partnership…. I don't think this is any different." ...David Chiu, an early proponent of the ballot proposal, said that at least one in three students in San Francisco's public schools has an immigrant parent. Chiu, co-founder of the public relations firm Grassroots Enterprise, said his organization had pushed for voting rights in part because long waits to become citizens had left immigrant parents disenfranchised when their children were in school.
Isn't it amusing to see how people rationalize stupid ideas? Regardless of whether an issue may be completely looney, if you label it as cutting edge, then you've somehow legitimized it. And what's up with the idea that long waits to become citizens justifies letting non-citizens vote? Just imagine how many beauracratic processes we could circumvent if we applied that type of reasoning across the board.

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